About Usopp Token
Why you should buy Usopp?
What is Usopp Inu ($USOPP)? Usopp Inu is a Meme Coin token is managed by the community and the token is distributed fairly to users.
🔺How does Usopp Inu work? Usopp Inu will reward those who hold the project tokens and a penalty will be applied to those who trade tokens.
🔺Automatic Liquidity Pool (LP) The project has an operational function that brings benefits to the holders. First, the smart contract attracts tokens from both buyers and sellers, and then adds these amount of the tokens to the LP to create a solid price
🔺Usopp Inu applies a 15% tax to both the seller and the buyer. Usopp Inu token holders will automatically receive a 5% fee on every on-chain transaction made on the Usopp ecosystem in $BUSD. This system is designed to reward the $USOPP community for every transaction that takes place. A 6% fee is applied to each $USOPP transaction, which will be donated to charities that support people in war-torn countries and to help grow $USOPP in the future. The remaining 4% will go back to the liquidity, this feature will ensure that $USOPP lp remains strong and the token value goes up with time.
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